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FREE Rogers-Bentonville School Bus

LISA Academy Rogers-Bentonville transportation pilot program between Rogers Activity Center and LISA Academy Rogers-Bentonville campus begins mid January 2024.  The planned route will run Monday through Friday during the 23-24 school year. Prior to participating all interested families must complete bus registration forms and understanding of policies involved.
LISA Academy Bus Service Schedule Rogers Activity Center to LISA Rogers-Bentonville:
6:50am= Bus arrives at Rogers Activity Center
7:05am= Departure from Rogers Activity Center
7:25am= Arrival to LISA Rogers-Bentonville
4:07pm= Depart from LISA (Early Fridays departure at 12:37pm)
4:27pm= Arrival at Rogers Activity Center (Early Fridays arrival 12:52pm)
4:42pm= Bus returns to garage (Fridays returns at 1:07pm)
  1. What if I need to drop off earlier than 6:50am?  Contact Rogers Activity Center to learn more details about morning care starting at 6am 
  2. What if I need to pick up later than 4:27pm? Contact Rogers Activity Center to learn more details about afterschool program starting at 2:45pm 
  3. How does the bus aide know who can pick up my child? Eschool authorized pick up adults will be allowed to pick up children, if requesting student be sent to activities at Rogers Activity Center this must be communicated with transportation team
  4. What happens in the event of inclement weather? Any changes to the bus schedule will be posted to the website.  Closures will be posted to local news, website, and social media.
  5. Will the bus wait for us if we are running late? Unfortunately the bus must follow this schedule and families will have to deliver their student to the Rogers-Bentonville campus
  6. What will kids do after school at Rogers until the bus departure?  Bus aide will monitor and supervisor students that are not in clubs or tutoring until departure time
  7. What would happen if I could not pick up my child during pick-up time? Students will be brought back to campus. Parents have to pick up their children from campus.
  8. When can I sign up for the bus service? Parents can sign up anytime. Parents will be notified of their approval to use the service.

Transportation Policy


Only certain students may be eligible for daily transportation through LISA Academy, if available.  Contact the transportation coordinator with any questions regarding eligibility.

Bus Stops

When transportation is provided, LISA Academy reserves the right to choose limited bus stops.  Contact the transportation coordinator with any questions regarding bus stops when transportation is provided.

Procedures for Requesting Transportation

Families may request transportation from LISA Academy by completing the Transportation Request Form.  

Families should be aware of deadlines regarding the first day of school transportation.  After the first day of school, changes to a request for transportation arrangements may take up to two weeks to take effect. 

Transportation will only be provided by LISA Academy once the Transportation Coordinator has notified the family by email, text, or phone call.  Families should not assume their student will be transported until the official notification by the Transportation Coordinator.


Your child’s safety is of paramount importance. Please keep in mind that Parents/Guardians are responsible for the child’s safety to, from and AT the bus stop. LISA Academy will not provide any supervision of students as they wait for the school bus.

  • Drivers are only allowed to make stops at their regularly scheduled stop locations. Drivers are not allowed to amend their routes without permission from the LISA Academy transportation coordinator
  • All students are asked to be at the bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • LISA Academy will provide transportation in accordance with Isaac’s Law. All students should be loaded and unloaded in a manner that does not require the student to cross a 4-lane road. 

Bus Safety and Behavior Plan for all bus usage

Students and Parents/Guardians:

LISA Academy’s code of conduct applies to students while traveling to and from school or to and from a school activity to the same extent as if the students were on school grounds. Appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken against commuting students who violate student code of conduct rules. This also applies to student conduct while on school buses. This behavior plan has been developed to make clear the behavior expectations for all students riding the bus and to assist the driver and bus aide in maintaining a safe environment on and around the bus while driving. These expectations apply for all regular and late bus runs as well as special trips –athletics, field trips, etc.

Students are expected to cooperate with the driver and bus aide and follow these rules at all times:

  1. Students must respect the bus driver, the bus aid, and other students.
  2. Students must follow both the driver’s and bus aide’s directions the first time they are given.
  3. Cell phones must not be used to take selfies, pictures of other students and/or the bus driver. Using a cell phone to take pictures of others without their permission is considered inappropriate use of a cell phone, which may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the handbook.
  4. Rude, vulgar, or obscene language or gestures are prohibited.
  5. Students must sit in their assigned seat until they arrive at their stop unless permitted to move by the driver or bus aide.
  6. Students must stay seated and face forward at all times.
  7. Students must keep the aisle clear of books, bags, feet, legs, etc.
  8. Use proper boarding and departure procedures.
  9. Loud or distracting noises are prohibited, including singing, yelling, screaming or music.
  10. Students must keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves at all times.
  11. Pushing, shoving, horseplay, scuffling, fighting, spitting, or throwing objects is prohibited.
  12. Ethnic, racial, or derogatory comments towards students or school personnel will not be tolerated.
  13. Matches, lighters or other flammable or hazardous materials are prohibited.
  14. Any action by a student that is deemed to be unsafe is prohibited.
  15. LISA Academy is not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen on the bus.
  16. Keep all parts of your body – and all objects – inside the bus.
  17. Keep all harmful or prohibited objects (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons) off the bus.
  18. Vandalism to school bus or personal property is prohibited.
  19. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is not allowed on the bus.
  20. Be on time at your stop.
  21. Balloons, glass, animals (alive or dead), or any item too large for the student to hold in their lap or fit under the seat in front of them will not be allowed on the bus.
  22. Students must not tamper with safety equipment or use emergency exits unless instructed to do so by authorized personnel.
  23. Follow the driver’s signal and directions, and the 15 ft. rule when boarding and departing (stand 15 feet away from the bus stop while waiting for pickup, walk 15 feet away from the bus before the bus is clear to drive away.)

Students who are uncooperative or break the rules should expect to receive the consequences shown in the following chart:


Examples of Infractions

1st Referral

2nd Referral

3rd Referral

4th Referral

5th Referral

A - Minor Misconduct

1 - Boarding or exiting the bus unsafely (includes crossing in front of or behind the bus) 

2 - Standing while bus is in operation or not being properly seated. 

3 - Obstructing an empty seat, door, stairs or aisle 

4 - Making excessive noise 

5 - Disturbing, insulting, or harassing other students

6 - Public display of affection (PDA) 

7 - Eating, drinking, chewing gum 

8 - Using profane or obscene language or gestures 

9 - Littering 

10 - Any action that causes disturbances or distractions

Oral / Written Warnings

Up to 5 day Bus Suspension

Up to 10 day Bus Suspension

Up to 10 day Bus Suspension

Suspension of riding privileges for remaining school year

B - Serious Infractions

1 - Failure to comply (Disrespectful, talking back, lying) with bus driver or other adult's instruction 

2 - Horseplay and spitting 

3 - Throwing objects at, within, or out of bus 

4 - Sticking objects or body parts out of the window/door 

5 - Damage, theft, or pilfering < $100 

6 - Spraying or application of cologne / fragrances 

7 - Misuse of electronic devices, cell phones, cameras etc.

Up to 5 day Bus Suspension

Up to 10 day Bus Suspension

Up to 20 day Bus Suspension

Suspension of riding privileges for remaining school year

C - Severe Offenses

1 - Full or partial nudity 

2 - Sitting in driver's seat/tampering with controls or equipment 

3 - Interfering with driver 

4 - Fighting / Assault (or hitting, biting, pushing) 

5 - Vandalism, damages, or theft > $100 

6 - Tobacco use or possession

Up to 10 day Bus Suspension

Up to 20 day Bus Suspension

Suspension of riding privileges for remaining school year

D - Criminal or Illegal Acts

1 - Any action that leads to a bus accident 

2 - Possession or use of weapons or other prohibited items (including laser lights) 

3 - Lewd or indecent acts 

4 Possession or use of illegal substances 

5 - Threatening or causing injury to another person (Bullying and/or harassment) 

6 - Alcohol use or possession 7 - Bomb threat or terroristic threat

School Suspension / Expulsion proceeding initiated Discipline Report submitted to appropriate authorities

  • All rule infractions are cumulative in most cases for the school year.
  • A series of minor infractions may result in serious consequences.
  • All misconduct must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The administration reserves the right to escalate the consequences due to the severity, frequency, or previous warnings.
  • Possession of weapons, prohibited items, controlled substance or representations of controlled substances, alcohol, or other serious incidents will be reported to the appropriate authorities and may result in suspension or expulsion from school in addition to loss of bus privileges.
  • Restitution may be required for all damages resulting from student action including but not limited to vandalism, fighting, theft, throwing objects, or other damages.

It is the goal of LISA Academy to provide the opportunity for transported students to have a pleasant and above all, SAFE, ride to and from school.