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ADE press release memo

Arkansas Department of Education Child Care Program Information

The Arkansas Department of Education announced changes to the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) subsidy program in an effort to increase families' access to high-quality early learning experiences under the LEARNS Act.
The changes below, which became effective on July 1, result from efforts by the State Board of Education Committee on Early Learning and local early childhood lead organizations and their continued engagement with stakeholders.
Required work hours: Families must now show they completed 20 hours of work each week, a reduction from 30 hours. This change expands access to high-quality early childhood opportunities, making it easier for working families to balance work and home life.
Household income determination: Instead of updating the eligibility-based state median income every two years, ADE will update this criteria every year. This ensures eligibility determinations are more accurate.
Family Co-Payment: Arkansas now waives family co-payments for families at or below 75 percent of the state’s median income. This is a change from 40 percent, so more families can afford high-quality early childhood opportunities for their children.
Removal of lifetime limit: The previous 60-month limit to receive benefits has been removed, allowing eligible families to now qualify indefinitely.
Unified application: Families can now use one application for both Arkansas Better Chance and CCDF programs.
Submit your Free/Reduced Meal Application Today Featured Photo

Submit your Free/Reduced Meal Application Today

Free/Reduced Meal Applications are now open! We encourage everyone to submit an application. Each Rogers-Bentonville student whose family completes an application will receive a free LISA Academy spirit shirt.

If you qualify, your student can:
- eat for free or reduced cost at breakfast and lunch
- receive discounts on testing such as ACT
- receive PEBT funds in the summer

Even if you don’t qualify, it still helps the school:
- we are better able to meet our students' needs
- we can qualify for grants and other assistance programs
Leader In Me book

Leader In Me School

LISA is proud to kick off partnership with the Leader In Me character education program based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


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